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Flemingdon Park Golf Club Rules

Golf is a simple game; all you have to do is put the ball in the hole. At Flemingdon Park Golf Club we use the official R.C.G.A. rules of golf. Look below to see a list of local rules specific to our course.

The official R.C.G.A. Rules of Golf shall govern all play except for local rules as listed below.

1. Ball resting in drainage ditch crossing number 2 Fairway may be lifted and dropped to the rear-No penalty.

2. Ball resting in the area between markers bordering number 5 and number 7 Fairways – out of bounds-Penalty distance and stroke.

3. Holes number 5 and 7 – On ball hitting hydro wires, another may be played – No penalty.

4. Ball resting on or near irrigation valves to be moved one club length away, not nearer to hole- No penalty.

5. Hole number 9 must be played as a dog-leg right. No short cuts please, to avoid hitting golfers on 2nd green or 3rd tee.

Third Hole
Flemingdon Park Golf Club

Local Rules

1. No more than foursomes permitted.

2. Children under 12 not permitted on golf course except when playing with adult supervision.

3. Whenever possible let all faster players play through.

4. Every player must have a set of golf clubs.

5. Keep carts and golf bags off tees and greens.

6. No more than one ball may be played.

Please rake sand traps, replace divots and repair ball marks.

Management reserves the right to refuse further play if rules are broken. Call now if you have any questions about our rules or would like to book a place on our course.


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